Sedation Dentistry – Grand Prairie, TX

Feel More Relaxed in the Treatment Chair

Do you feel anxious, nervous, or worried at the thought of visiting a dentist for treatment or a regular checkup and cleaning? You may be surprised to know that countless adults suffer from dental anxiety that keeps them from scheduling necessary appointments. Dr. Desai can provide nitrous oxide sedation to help you feel more at ease while you receive the care you require. To request sedation dentistry from our Grand Prairie, TX dentist at your next appointment, be sure to contact our dental office beforehand and let us know!

Relaxed patient during sedation dentistry visit

Why Choose Care 32 Dental of Grand Prairie for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Safe Sedation for Both
    Children & Adults
  • Can Be Used for
    Any Procedure
  • Your Comfort is
    Our Highest Priority

Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

Patient with nitrous oxide sedation dentistry mask in place

Nitrous oxide is a fast-acting sedation that is administered once you get to our dental office and sit in the treatment chair. We’ll place a small nose mask on your face that will allow you to breathe in the colorless, odorless gas. Within a few minutes, you’ll feel a wave of tingling relaxation go through your body, helping you feel comfortable and at-ease. We’ll work quickly and thoroughly to make sure that you don’t have to stay in the treatment chair for any longer than necessary. After the procedure is complete, we’ll remove the mask. Within three to five minutes, you’ll feel completely normal and be able to go about your day as you typically would.