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What Summer Foods Can You Enjoy with Your Dental Implants?

July 15, 2022

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Woman walking on a pier during the summer

Maybe you’re planning on getting dental implants soon to replace any teeth that were lost or extracted. Or maybe you already had dental implant surgery done earlier in the year and have recently received your final restoration. In either case, you’re probably wondering the same thing: “Will I be able to enjoy all my favorite summer foods with dental implants?” After all, it can be difficult to get the most out of your summer when certain foods are off-limits. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be an issue! The following post covers some tips on what kinds of foods you’ll be able to eat after implant placement as well as after your mouth has completely healed.


Enjoy Your Summer With These 3 Cosmetic Dental Treatments

June 8, 2022

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woman smiling during summer in Grand Prairie

Summertime is here, and you’ll probably want to look and feel your best while having fun in the sun. This can be difficult if you’re unhappy with the way your teeth appear, as you might be too embarrassed or self-conscious to smile. However, you may be able to enhance your pearly whites this season so you can enjoy many more to come. Keep reading about three cosmetic dental treatments to consider this summer from your dentist in Grand Prairie!


5 Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy This Summer

May 2, 2022

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You have been waiting all year for summer to come back around. You have so many fun activities planned. Whether you will be spending your time visiting friends and family, traveling someplace new, or lounging out at the beach, you’ll make some amazing memories! However, you don’t want your plans to be ruined thanks to a dental emergency that pops up. Continue reading to learn some oral health tips to keep your smile healthy during the summer months.


Why You Should Spend Your Tax Refund on Your Smile

April 1, 2022

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Teeth with piggy bank.

You sit back in your chair with a grin on your face—you’ve just finished filing your taxes and you’re getting a large refund! There are probably several different things you want to spend that cash on—a vacation to the beach, a down payment on a new car, or paying off a looming credit card bill. But have you considered investing that money in your oral health? There are many benefits to spending some money on your smile this tax season. Keep reading to learn more.


Why You Shouldn’t Be Hesitant to Visit the Dental Office

March 4, 2022

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It is recommended that most patients see their dentist every six months for regular cleanings and checkups. This way, your dental hygienist is able to periodically clean away the plaque and tartar that you’ve missed over, and your dentist can check for oral health issues so they can be treated before becoming serious. However, many Americans don’t attend their regular appointments as often as they should. Here are some common reasons why.


6 Tips for Overcoming Sugar Cravings

February 22, 2022

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woman avoiding donut in Grand Prairie

If you have a sweet tooth, then you know how difficult it is to avoid eating your favorite delicacies. Whether it’s Jolly Ranchers or the most chocolatey donuts, you’ll definitely enjoy your day with a sugary snack. However, you’re probably aware that sugar can harm your teeth over time, and keeping a healthy smile is important for your overall well-being. But what’s the best way to break your sugary habits? Consider six tips from your dentist in Grand Prairie on how you can overcome sugar cravings!


Keeping A Healthy Heart Starts with Gum Health—Here’s How

February 8, 2022

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February is Heart Health Month, a time to learn how best to improve your cardiovascular wellness. Trying the latest diet trends, performing popular workout routines, or even starting Tai Chi—everything to maintain a strong heart. Did you know your gum health is just as important for this month’s goals? Read on to learn how your gum line is the beginning of keeping a healthy heart!


New Year, New You: Resolutions for a Healthier Smile

January 5, 2022

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New Year’s resolutions in journal

We’ve officially made it to 2022! Have you started working on your New Year’s resolutions? If you’re like most people, your list probably involves several ways to increase your health and wealth. While that may include weight loss and breaking bad habits, you should consider focusing on your dental health. In doing so, you can create a win-win situation for your smile and wallet! To help you out, we’ve compiled a few ideas for New Year’s resolutions that you can use to keep a healthy smile all year long.


Tips for Staying on Track with Invisalign During the Holidays

December 4, 2021

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The holidays can be a busy time and if things are going well that can mean a lot of fun to be had. At the same time, when you are busier than usual it can also be easier to forget to do something or get behind on what you had planned.

When your oral hygiene, or maybe your treatment with Invisalign in Grand Prairie, is involved, you can’t afford to be forgetful and fall asleep at the wheel. After all, if you can remember to leave cookies and milk out for Santa, you can remember to take care of your teeth. Check out these tips from your dentist on how you can stay diligent regarding your Invisalign treatment.


Don’t Let These 4 Holiday Foods Harm Your Smile!

November 18, 2021

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Now that the holiday season is nearly here, you have all sorts of fun activities planned! Whether you are looking forward to stringing up twinkling lights around your home, listening to festive music, or do some holiday baking, there is something for everyone to look forward to. However, you don’t want your smile to suffer. Here are some of the holiday treats that you should be especially wary of this year to preserve your oral health.

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